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Bangalore Escort Etiquette – High End Independent Escorts in Bangalore.

There is lots to understand on the Manual on how to use an escort Services in Bangalore and there is no proper Manifesto or of well-defined rules to define how to use an escort Services in Bangalore and no proper guidelines available in the vast Internet on the set guidelines for using an Escort Services and the truth is most of  the experienced Mongers do not have a clue on how to utilize an escort Service in Bangalore..

I am a successful Professional in my area of Corporate Business and pursuing my hobby successfully as a Monger in Bangalore and to be precise hiring a high end Independent escort is similar to hiring a Doctor, lawyer or a Mechanic and the same way I would deal with a Professional Doctor lawyer or a Mechanic will prefer giving the same respect to an Independent escort in Bangalore and I was getting better results when I was taking care of  most of the best Independent escorts in Bangalore and most of them are still my very good friends and we maintain a strong bond of Mutual beneficiary Relationship and believe me I Perfectly understand that escorting is a very professional way of doing business.

If you are a beginner and wanted a Manual or a step by step guidelines in understanding how to use the services of an escort lady in Bangalore here is from my experiences from the beginning how to be a successful Monger in Bangalore or how to get most out of your escort experience.

Why Utilize an escort Services in Bangalore?

Escorts in Bangalore offer variety of Services and these can be some of them

Role play and Fantasy
Arabian Queen
Sexy lingerie
Foot fetish
Dinner companion
Social escort
Cross dressing
Boss, French maid, girl next door and more!

Escorts in Bangalore offer variety of Services to suit your need and the high-end Escorts working in an escort agency are like any other working lady who makes a living out of her professional job and similar to a doctor who diagnoses a patient and gives proper treatment an escort lady in Bangalore will ensure proper care to her clients and cater to the needs of her client with care and affection and more you are friendlier with an escort lady more will she offer herself in return.

It is mirthfully the trust factor and respect that matter here and if the escort in Bangalore understand the gentleman cares and respects here professionalism she will offer her best and will guarantee ensure and assure full satisfaction and utilization of the money spent.

Here this Point of respect and caring is emphasized mostly because most of the clients have an attitude towards an escort and towards her profession and believe me this profession of escorting is a practice that was common in the ancient days.

Escorting in India traces its origins to the beginnings of civilisation in the sub-continent and still continues in modern India.

Refer the following links for an in-depth knowledge of Prostitution in Ancient days

Like any other Profession, most of the escorts in Bangalore love their job of escorting and love sex and money matters second when they are with a friendlier client and the more attention they get from the client they get involved with the act of affection and love with their client and like any other succesfull lady who loves her job most of the escorts on Banglore love escorting as an art of living with grace and standard.

The most common talk with escorting girls is why give sex for free when you get paid for the same and how to become a favourite with an escort in Bangalore and that does not mean you may have to be a smart gentleman all you may need is to be a bit of courteous and polite, respectful, or introduce yourself in a courteous manner and learn the art of handling a lady and treating an escort lady with dignity and honour.

Most of the men have a standard thinking of why pay for an encounter when you may gain the same out of some effort with a good  looking ordinary lady.
Consider the fact that no ordinary lady will offer sex services without an expectation and the same will vary from individual to individual and consider the effects of  having a Permanent girlfriend who keeps pestering for gifts and Movie / Lunch and if you are married and having an affair kindly understand a situation when in your wife finds out your affair.

The simplified way is to hire a girlfriend and fire a girlfriend and hire more to suit your taste and there are plenty in the offering for yours to savour and relinquish.

Paying for sex is something absurd with some men and is considering  the same of paying for sex as a losing game and for that matter free sex is not that really free.

The mammoth task to get a lady to have free sex with you, you have to stumble upon someone who is attracted / Fascinated to you and wants to have sex with you. and for most of the men this takes a lot of work, effort and time and here google does not help you in this task of finding a lady for free sex! !

Paying for a service is something similar to buying any services and when buying services we demand results that may match our requirements and expectations and similar is buying services from an escort in Bangalore wherein we expect the results of satisfaction and utilization of money value and the fact is if men have not tried paid sex and are still having the absurd  thought about escorting experience try once to understand the difference in paid sex and free sex and till now for my understanding there is no free sex without expectations and for that matter there is nothing free in this 21 st Century.

Hiring an Escorts in Bangalore is a beautiful way of recovering after a divorce and a remedy for those who are recovering from depressed thoughts or a failure in life or business and you pay somebody to listen to you.

Listening is an art and people closer to yourself may not be attentive to your personal view and thoughts  but an escort will certainly be a soothing effect to share your thoughts and she get paid for the same.

An escort  in Bangalore can teach you to be a better lover to make you understand the art of love and enhance your sex life.

Escorts in Bangalore will teach you how you may enhance your sexual techniques and are open to all your questions.

Escorts in bangalore have learned and can teach you advanced sexual techniques. They are open to answering all doubts and the truth or validity about women Orgasmic pleasure points and no civilian women will teach you the same or talk about it.

An escort in Bangalore will teach and is not paid for companionship alone but are well-trained women who have been giving companionship to rich and famous and knows how to tutor yourself to be a good lover and most of the transcripts available here on Internet on becoming a successful lover are just well complied copies and no where compared to a one to one tutoring of an expert in the field of love making.

Makes sense doesn't it having tutored by an expert includes the package of self-enjoyment and Pursuing or mastering one's skill to be a better lover.

When it is bad times or when a person going through divorce or rough strangled relationship an escort in Bangalore can be a soothing medicine in building the confidence level of the person and there are numerous clients who have confessed that they had indeed been benefited by an escort in Bangalore and it's not only the sexual need that are being taken care of the escort in Bangalore can be a Professional person like a psychotherapist in taking care of her clients both mental and physical needs.

Escorts in Bangalore ensure Motherly care towards her client and an escort in Bangalore role is not limited to sex alone and are more perfectionist in the a role that may be categorized as below.

An escort in Bangalore acts quickly if she thinks that client safety, dignity or comfort is being compromised.
An escort in Bangalore ensures the health of the client and ensures safety sex.
An escort in Bangalore ensures communication, partnership and teamwork within the network of the Bangalore Girl Friends Experience.
An escort in Bangalore treat her Clients as individuals and respect their dignity.
An escort in Bangalore treats her clients politely and considerately.
An escort in Bangalore respects a Clients right to confidentiality.
An escort in Bangalore Work in partnership with Bangalore Girl Friends Experience.
An escort in Bangalore  listen to and respond to their clients concerns and preferences.
An escort in Bangalore give clients the information they want or need in a way they can understand.
An escort in Bangalore respect clients right to reach a decision with herself about their sexual preferences and do and do not.
An escort in Bangalore Work with her teammates at Bangalore Girl Friends Experience in the ways that best serve the concern and maintaining the trust and be honest and open and act with integrity.

An escort in Bangalore will never discriminate unfairly against clients or with the team at Bangalore Girl Friends Experience.

An escort in Bangalore will never abuse her clients trust in you or the public's trust in her profession as an escort in Bangalore

All Independent Escorts in Bangalore is aware and are personally accountable for her professional practice and will always be prepared to justify her decisions and actions.

Give it a try and I am you sure you may understand the logic of Hiring an expert to fine tuning yourself to be a better lover.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Simran started at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience as an independent high class escort

   Independent Escorts in Bangalore

Freedom and escorting are the most cosmopolitan items under the sun.

Name: Simran
Age: 21
Meeting place: Pubs in Bangalore
What you want me to wear: I prefer Saree
What you want me to do: Go on a mystery date with you.

I  desperately want to  elaborate on my endless struggle to find peace within as an independent high class escort in Bangalore city.

The only thing worse than escorting is leaving, getting out, realizing the effects is has had on you and your spirit. Starting to heal the damage, and then with a twist of
bad fate that i have become all too familiar with, having to go back in. It's almost an indescribable feeling of suck. I know better, I dread working as an escort in
Bangalore, and I can't even pull it off like I did once. Once you have to face it, and stop lying to yourself about the easy money - once you truly own up to what this
escort industry is and then turn around and go back to it , well I can't expect to be able to pull it off like I once could.

Being fake...lying... Counting on this money to keep us safe, and hating everyone In my path. I’ am literally the definition of miserable. I started with my concern
Bangalore Girl Friend Experience as an independent high class escort, and then having to let meet new people which so dangerous. I'm so aware of every danger
now. I used to know, but not feel it. Now every part of me feels the overwhelming fear with each new face. I am no longer the numb carefree girl I once was, and it
sucks. I cant deal with the men at all. I do it, and because I am obviously a good faker,but my mind is so aware of how wrong this is. I feel badly for myself, for the wives
they keep telling me all about, for all the ones out there just like me.

I have of clients because I make them feel a connection. It's my job. I make them feel such a connection with me and I play the game, but there have been a few now that
don't understand the rules of the game, and when it ends, and have gotten mad that I wont have dinner out with them, or go on trips, or answer their calls on my personal
time. The line is blurred, and I have no tolerance for the blur. Business is business,but if they are going to get mad because I am not free I am going to tell them exactly
what they don't want to hear. Take your wife. I am not your girlfriend, or mistress, or anything other than business. Take that wife you keep telling me that you love and
how wonderful she is.

My faith in men is gone. Gone, gone, and gone. And GONE WITH THE WIND !!!

I’ve made a shitload of bad decisions in my life, but I'm still here and I'm doing my small part in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience. So I am at peace with where I am
today- regrets do no good.

I still managed to be in the escort industry, and I think my karma was rewarded the good choice with so many doors opening.
Anything is possible....and your choices are unlimited. Escorting takes over and feeds on your fears, but if you can get through it and find other ways to manage, you
all start to realize how shitty of a choice it is.

I used to believe in dreams and love, but I cant feel anything anymore. I think even god forgot about me. I cant even fake happiness enough to pull off a date anymore. I
am taking it all, wallowing in sadness while the month slips away. Hating every man I’ve ever met,The men we are working with are no better.  Of course there are the jerks we all have
to deal with, but even the top of the line clients who spoil you with money and kindness are asking the impossible of you at the same time. They are asking that we
lavish them with affection, pretend we adore them and make their fantasies come true during our visits. Make it warm and loving and really get into it to quote some of
the men. Then walk away. Its business- turn emotions on, do it well, and then turn them off. And we do. And we get paid handsomely because it works perfectly for the

But women are different. We feel, that what makes us so incredible- and so as much as it is business at the same time it isn't. We are rewarded for messing with our own
feelings. We are amazing, beautiful, everything he desires... Until he leaves to go home to his wife- then we are just the escort. We go from one end of the spectrum to
the other- the most sought after beauty, to the low life prostitute. All for doing the same exact job. No matter how well we do our job, the end result is still a stigma in

Simran wants’ to discuss the effects in that escorting has on her personality.

Isolation, fear, trauma. We can't talk about our work. We cant seek comfort from family and friends after a bad date. We cant put on our resume how well we manage
this Escorting business. We are hidden. Even at the height of our work, we can't share a sense of pride in doing our Escorting job well. We learn that men cheat...a
lot. We try to have relationships where we have to hide our past. We lie to our families with a sense of shame, but also with a weird sense of pride for having our
own sinful Money and pretty good life  style in Bangalore city.

It's such a complex topic, I think I could ramble on here forever, and some women might disagree- but a lot more have agreed and just communicate with someone
about how this job affects them. And so I will continue writing here in my official site of ours Bangalore Girl Friend Experience and any one is free to contact us at

The effects are hidden. The guilt-shame-stigma that comes from working as an Escort. If your lucky and do it long enough you become hardened- I am friends with
my all my team in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience who have been in this  escorting industry in Bangalore far too long and at this point they just don't care anymore. I
think its a mixture of self hatred and a fierce independent pride, if you can understand how weird that might sound. People call me angry a lot, because I dare to speak up and tell the other side of escorting, and obviously the men don't like that very much. It ruins the fantasy. But I am not angry, although it may seem like it from some of my writings in here at my site, I am passionate about- women’s safety and self respect. I am very, very kind to everyone I meet, and I work in a position where my attitude is everything, and I do well. But then again I am a professional escort so I am really good at faking it.

You call me angry, lazy, spoiled, playing victim, a man hater, and so forth. I could invest a large chunk of my time defending myself to you- explaining each and every
one  and the reasoning behind them- but honestly I do not feel the need. I would just feel silly giving you the satisfaction, and No matter how right I may or may not be-
you are not going to let anyone ruin the image of your favorite provider. To you she enjoys her time with you, looks forward to it, and the money is just an agreement.
(Excuse me while I laugh again) Nothing will ruin the illusion for you- because you wouldn’t want to know. It would certainly dampen the experience for you... and we
just cant have a risk on have that because in my team at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience we always believe and worship our clients as GOD!!!.

We are wonderful actresses when we need to be, and unfortunately no amount of honesty and insight is going to ruin the escort experience for most men- because
the desire for the fantasy will outweigh the truth. But that is fine- because it has nothing to do with why I write here. I write here for the other women trying to quit-for the ones contemplating starting- and the ones who live with regret.

I have shared a small part of my experience as an escort in Bangalore. I have been honest and shared my feelings about this Escorting industry for no other reason than to give insight into the industry. Not all experiences are the same, not all choices are right for everyone, but its my story. I am working in this escort industry, and without any type of help from men. That me today, and am pretty happy tomorrow might be different but I have learned not to try to plan too far ahead.
I am sorry to rain on your parade but really is this shock to you? If the majority of women loved having sex multiple times a day would there be such a high demand for this escort industry?

That my point. So accept the fact that we are acting, don’t hate me and call me or any of my team mates at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience a man hater for stating the obvious truth. Treat us well like human beings your girl friend,sister,Wife and we are lots better towards you in return, because the job is a very hard one and not as wonderful as you insist it is. Believe it or not.

WE at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience believe we are one of the first to coin and use the phrase GFE way back before there was much talk in the town or in this part of the world, Many of you do seek the GFE experience which means a real relationship for the moment with sincere women who enjoys the experience, not just mechanical sex.

Bangalore Girl Friend Experience it sounds somewhat magical doesn't it? Girlfriend experience... ahhh my girly brain envisions hugs and flowers and a genuine warm feeling.

Reality check. For those of you who don't yet know or understand completely what Bangalore Girl Friend Experience this means, it is a term to Chocolate coat the escort experience. It means that even though you are entering a business deal as an escort/client- this should be like an experience you would have with someone who was your girlfriend. It assumes two people can meet and within a matter of minutes act (and working girls know exactly what I mean by "act") like there is some
chemistry and level of comfort between the two of you.

It is also a guise for unsafe practices: kissing, you name it- ahhh but its all part of the "girlfriend experience" . Give me a break.

We women at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience knowing that it is what most men want, and so we deliver. I think if you need an escort, for whatever reasons, the #1  priority for you should be your safety and self respect. I wish all of us in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience team   provide the GFE and make it be what it is- a business arrangement. Be nice, sweet, sexy- whatever we do at our best, I am still amazed we Bangalore Girl Friend Experience team  women offer- even compete- for these
services. A popular review board of escort Services has a system where Bangalore Girl Friend Experience rating  go above 9 out of 10.

Are faithful men nothing more than a fantasy we see in old movies and fairy tales?

What has happened in our society that men have lost the ability to sleep with only one woman?

I know women cheat too...for those ready to jump up and say "It's not just the men" but I have worked in the escort industry, and given that there is not a male escort demand that I am remotely aware of I would say that this prevails as a mans issue with cheating.

I am now working in this Escort industry but still mainly dealing with men. Men who tell me over and over how they love their wives. Couldn’t live without them. They are their best friends... soul mates... etc - Its so nice and heartwarming to hear at first- but there’s a catch.

They cheat anyway.

And then they ask. Hitting on me directly after you have confessed your love for your wife is never a good idea, but usually it is my repeat customers that I have built a level of friendship with that will ask me out. Without even seeming to notice how disturbed this is- they ask. And I smile and politely decline in order to not lose the business, but it really does make me realize that even when not in the industry I am still cursed with the insight into the mans mind. Of course working as a call

girl/escort/entertainer will leave you jaded, but it is more sad to leave the industry and realize that it is not just one group of "hobbyist's" that cheat. It is not just the men who frequent escorts- its also the nice guys who wouldnt dream of an escort encounter- they just go about it differently.

There is no difference between the man who calls and in an hour has a girl show up to have sex and the man who slowly over time seduces a casual friend/coworker.

The outcome is the same. Wives are still at home never knowing or dealing with finding out that her fears are true.

No wonder this is the worlds oldest profession, and its not going away. Its just getting worse, so out in the open that monogamy is now odd. It's sad- because
women will never change either, and we will all still hope that our man is not like that.

SO which is better? Realizing that men will cheat no matter how much they love their wives- which is the better option? An escort that is a business deal or a friend/lover? Ill let you decide-

This is such a complex subject for me, because i hated escorting, i hate women being exploited or getting caught in the industry- Maybe in 5 yrs ill start to worry, but I do plan on having started a business by then-but it takes time, and money- so until then.... here in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience entertaining you folks.

I wont elaborate on my endless struggle to find peace within-Going back after being out Going back into the Escorting industry is going to be a lot harder than I thought! Never mind the tons of other things that go along with it,but my initial experience is that I can no longer pretend to put up with men..

I used to be able to smile and nod and be cute, and I have found that now I just cant do it. I cant stand listening to them justify cheating on their wives, or demanding this or that on their time... its total crap what we put up with. I havent even begun again,because I cant get past the initial contacts.
Maybe I am mad at myself and it reflects towards them, or maybe I am just 7 years wiser and cant put up with men's shit anymore. I hate the fake conversations and the pretending to care about me and what I want...

And as much as I am dying to be sexual again.

My life is completely different now.. Not for the better or for the worse, just different and I am devastated, but I am holding onto the thread of hope I have in my concern Bangalore Girl Friend Experience that has so often pulled me through this crap as an independent high class escort.and I know I will get better.

For now, I have nothing. The money I had saved so far is just about gone, I don't have any Savings, its not pretty. I am working full time as an independent high class escort in my concern Bangalore Girl Friend Experience, and praying that the job goes well, but I have already begun to plan to transition back into the escorting industry in Bangalore.

I know its the wrong choice for me, but I am also beginning to realize I make a lot of bad choices, and although there might be other options for me, I cant see them right now.

All I can see is my money  is almost gone, my car about to be repossessed, and my phone shut off. I am not spending, not splurging. I am working fit as hard as I can,
but its not enough and I cant live like this without Money.

Is it really that wrong to go make a few thousand to get us on our feet again? Maybe, but I don't think so.... I would rather not, but the choice of doing nothing doesn't make much sense to me either. I went from having everything, to having nothing,and I have to get us back to on track.

I have hit "rock-bottom" but I am guessing it cant get much worse than this.

For me, a lot is emotional too. Honestly, if I am positive and happy then I can think my way out of these situations, but I am just not there anymore.

I am  back to escorting in my dear old concern Bangalore Girl Friend Experience  of course I am completely out of money and there is no choice.

The million thoughts had raced through my head everyday- the doubting, the hurt,the anger," That was said perfectly for me. Maybe that’s all that comes of it, a daily choice
whether or not to return. I have been thinking a lot more lately about what I deserve,not just what I will put up with- if that makes sense to anyone. I am realizing clearly
that in life, I do not stand up for what i really want, and deserve, and hopefully with practice I will start.

I will sit here in my house in Koramangala and imagine an old call or going out on a new fake not escorting gig- and it will slowly get dark around me and eventually I will admit I am not going anywhere and go put my night dress on around 10 pm. And I will feel like a huge failure. I don’t feel proud of myself for escorting, I feel like I lost out on an opportunity in my life, I seriously ponder whether or not I am legally insane.

Nothing I have ever done has haunted me like this. Its such a temptation that it takes over my rational thinking and lures me into a fantasy world of money that I live in this world of escorting, only to have my emotions emerge broke and pissed off.

This sucks. Maybe if I had friends to go out with and pass the time, or if my boyfriend liked going out with me, but I just sit here. All dressed up and nowhere to go. I cant take the burden of being broke. I cant take having no life, never leaving this house unless its to return with groceries. I used to party all night long, in the best 5 star hotels, the cities hottest clubs. Now I cant stay awake past 11 because I am so mad at myself. I remember it as fun and I have to remind myself that even though it
was exciting, and I was out- it wasn’t fun to be doing what I was doing.

The only good thing was the money. And I wonder if that is what my issue is- or if I won the lottery tomorrow would escorting still have such a pull on me? I do think about that- if I was rich would it then be the excitement, the power, the game? Would I crave the different men and their stories? I doubt that one. Lately I have been playing a very dangerous game with myself. I have been coming up with new ideas on how to make money. Real money here in Bangalore where i
was escorting, not the extra part time night job money, And please don't flame that remark, most women will understand that...

I guess that’s why I havent written too much on the subject lately. I’m a horrible liar,and I don’t want to risk anyone reading something positive about escorting from me. Even if I never know, I don’t want someone to come here and read something I’ve written and make the choice to escort. I want to continue to stress that its not the right choice, even when I myself struggle with no choice to go back. I guess more importantly Its been over 7 year now. I am still making it in escorting, and I hope to
continue. More so, I hope that someday its not a choice for me. I want to get to the point where it is out of the question, whatever my circumstances. I want to become one of those strong women in Bangalore city who are better entrepreneurs of their own ,who shudder at the thought, who believe in themselves, and would never, ever consider selling their temples.

I want to be that strong women entrepreneur someday, not someone with no respect for myself who contemplates selling herself to make ends meet. I just wonder how much long it will take. What do I need to do to get there? Is it even possible?

And this year my home loans is pushing me so hard to escort. I am fighting myself everyday and just go back to the big money.
Its the money, definitely. But I also think its emotional. The stress, the sadness in us that make it easy for us to slip back into that mindset of "I might as well be an escort" Feeling badly makes escorting seem like a rational choice. Is it because I hate myself and feel that I fit in with the escorting world-

I have been wondering lately where to draw the line when it comes to working in the "escort" industry.

I was just wondering what everyone else thought, where do you draw the line?

If you do and If you are me - are you afraid it would be too easy to put a FULL STOP to escorting?

I wish everyone the best- the escorts in my team at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience, the ones debating, the angry wives, and the men. We are all in this together in some
weird way.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Ms. Kushboo Speaks

Independent Escorts in Bangalore

Confession : A Call Girl  provides sex. we make dreams come true. That's why you can pick up a girl in MG Road In Bangalore  for  INR 1000/ but I'll charge you up to INR 20,000/ for a night. I'm a  confidant, a counsellor a princess or a supermodel. I'll listen as you tell me your desire, I'll read between the lines then I'll make it real for you. I can build up your self-esteem, congratulate you on your performance and fulfil your every wish and fantacy.

We Escort Girls also feel guilty to a certain extent, but really if a Wife  can’t give a man what he needs, he’ll go out and look for it elsewhere, plain and simple. And that’s where  Escort girls like me come in and give it to them. Sex ,love and lust  are all completely different things the guy has that one girl he loves, the one he marries


Name: Ms Kushboo

Age: Late 30s.

Bussiness: High End Escort Servive Provider in Bangalore City Working as core team lead in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience

Meeting place: Service Apartments

What you want me to wear: Saree!!

What you want me to do: Be a pony with you as my master!


But there are limits to what I'll do!  Here are some of the things I don't do: Lesbian sex or three way; Bondage; Pissing or scat games;

I know some Escort agencies in Bangalore  are very well organised with websites on which you can select your area of sexual deviancy and get back a list of men and women who'll help you fulfil your desire. Bangalore Girl Friend Experience doesn't work like that. to tell the truth, They are  not much of a pimp at all and more a professional team here to assist the Escort girls in thier Profession and do charge the least  as thier Commission.

I was still trawling through images, video clips and websites with information about Bangalore escorts  apparently popular pastime. I swear, if my ISP keeps records of the web pages I visit as research for my escort work they must think I'm some kind of far out pervert. I mean, I've checked out web pages with information about everything from anal sex to extreme insertions to hard-core BDSM .

A  self proclaimed “country girl” born and raised in Madurai.  graduated from  MKU last year with a degree in psychology and regularly works and volunteers with children. You can find lots of girls like Kushoboo all over Bangalore.

“A little sweetness goes a long way,” she wrote on her ad.

Her bubbly personality saturated every last detail of her profile, complete with Xs and Os.

Kushboo has been working in “Bangalore Girl Friend Experience” on and off since she was 16-years-old. She is now a  part of the core team lead at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience working with 4 to 6  Escort girls at a time, selling their “company” for big money all around Bangalore area.

Given the challenges for women who want to advance their careers, I asked two groups of women with whom I was working  With at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience what motivated them to want to take on those challenges. Their responses were varied but displayed an energy and conviction that was inspiring.

"I know I have talent, expertise and potential and I want to develop it and use it."

"I'm ambitious, and I have a vision for my life and goals I want to fulfil."

I'm a bit of a trail blazer. The idea of breaking through barriers, e.g., the famous glass ceiling, is a challenge that I find exciting!"

"I love the buzz of pushing the boundaries and discovering new challenges."

"I want to prove to all the men in my family, who I don't think really believe in my capabilities, that I have as much ability as they do."

"I want to make a difference in my Life. I believe I have a vision for it and the expertise to implement that vision and I want the chance to do it."

"I want financial freedom to live the life I desire and that can only come with advancing my career and the income that goes with that."

"I want the meaning, purpose and fulfilment that comes with living and working at my full potential."

"I want the status that acknowledges my competence and the power that comes with it to bring about changes that I believe are important."

“This is not full time by any means,” she said.

When Kushboo is not out on her “dates,” she works part-time in a Call center in Koramangala. As the oldest of six kids, she also strives to set herself as an example by volunteering her time at church and the non-profit she works with.

“I want to be something more than what money can give,” she said.

But for right now, she tells me, it’s all about the money.

Sex is my business, and business is good

Did you know that a  Escort girl working part-time as an escort can make just as much, if not more, than prestigious lawyers and doctors?

According to Kushiboo, you can make what you earn in corporate Bangalore over two weeks in a single day, just by seeing two guys on a non full-service level. Full-service providers, she explains, sell straight up sexual intercourse, as opposed to non full-service providers, who sell everything but, such as their company for dates.

“The most I’ve made in one day was INR One lac  between three dates,”  Kushoboo said. “Once one of my girls in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience pulled in INR Two lacs  from just one guy.”

For Kushboo and her girls in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience The hard-earned cash is all theirs and they give petty commission to thier boss in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience.

All the girls she works with in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience  act as independent Free lancing Escort girls who come to her for her resources, guidance and knowledge of the market and industry.

“My job is to find the best places and resources for them to get the most out of what we’re marketing in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience,”Kushboo  said.

Big bucks, independence and travel? Sign me up, please?

What you didn’t know about prostitution

“I help men get a better understanding of sex through women,”Kushboo said.

Kushboo  said it’s not just about the sex itself, but about anything sexual in general.

“I should be a sex therapist,” she joked.

I’ve heard before that men who see prostitutes don’t just come for the sex, rather, they also seek all other aspects of female companionship.

“They also look for uplift and reassurance. Just as human beings, they need it. You need a hug every once in a while, you need to be loved by the opposite sex or feel some kind of compassion,” Kushboo said.

This girl is all about the uplift, her sunny disposition is infectious and I love it. I’m sure her customers do, too.

She also clued me in on all the different tiers of prostitution, ranging from “street walkers” to upscale escort girls.

Before Talking to Kushboo, I got this impression that prostitutes pretty much gave up every last ounce of their dignity in order to make money, rendering their decision power worthless.

However, at least in the upper tiers of prostitution, the  Call girls pretty much have the say on everything, from the guys they choose, what they want to do and how much they’ll be getting paid for it.

“I’m picky,” Kushboo said. “I just don’t see anyone. If I don’t like the guy, I won’t go through with the date. I’d be sweet and wouldn’t put him down, but I’d wean him to another  Call girl who could better suit him and make him happier.”

As far as the sex (or non-sex) goes, each Call  girl  in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience decides on her own boundaries. Some don’t even provide full-service at all, rather, they may simply provide their company for dinners and dates.

So how much cash is being thrown down for these  Escort girls?

“It’s however much you want to make it. If they can’t pay that, then they’ll negotiate for whatever else,” she said. “The ball is always on my court.”

The freakiest dudes in all the nation

She did say the freakiest guys she’s ever seen throughout the country are in Chennai. Apparently, the  older, business guys are the ones to watch out for.“They have the weirdest requests,” Kushoboo said. “One guy wanted me to… ......???? I can’t even bring myself to talk about it, let alone do it.”

She visibly struggled to find the words.

“I can’t shit on anybody, sorry,” Kushboo said. “And I won’t, plain and simple.”

The majority of Kushoboo's customers are married men who have been strictly with their wives for years or who have not had partners who are very sexual or open.

“I give them something to go home and love their wives better with,” she said.

I was intrigued. Could she convince me that prostitution could actually be conducive for a man’s love for his wife?

“It’s men’s nature to want variety. It’s their animal instinct to breed with the most young and desirable women. It goes way back and love has nothing to do with it.”

Kushboo first explains that sex ,love and lust  are all completely different things (for men anyway). According to Kushboo, the guy has that one girl he loves, the one he marries. However, he also has his sexual needs.

“He loves that one girl, but if he’s not getting what he needs or is deprived, he’ll become bitter towards her,” Kushboo said.

The idea is that once Kushboo helps relieve these needs, it allows him to return to the one he is married to and carry on with their relationship, bitterness-free.

“They might feel guilty, but it’s in their nature and they really need the sex. If their wives can’t give it to them, they feel badly about it,”  Kushboo said.

Kushboo said she believes that it’s human nature.

“I also feel guilty to a certain extent, but really if the woman can’t give a man what he needs, he’ll go out and look for it elsewhere, plain and simple. And that’s where  Escort girls like me come in and give it to them,” Kushboo said.

It’s not purely about sex, though. Kushboo said it’s also about the comfort her and her girls can give.

“It’s not always physical, though,” she reminds me, “It’s also about uplift and reassurance.”

The dichotomy of the “wife and the mistress” came to mind.

Does it really all boil down to biological and evolutionary factors? Is this something we’ll all simply have to come to terms with?

The good, the bad and the ugly

“There really isn’t a least favorite aspect of the job,”  Kushoboo said, “I love it all.”

For Kushoboo, she said the job isn’t just about good pay, she genuinely enjoys it.

“It’s like my dating scene. I pick and choose. I love older guys, men of power, well-dressed and charismatic. I’m completely engaged when we have fun and am totally enthralled by it. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t like it. There’s no shame in what I do, I genuinely love everything I do.”

To understand her passion, you also have to understand her philosophy. Kushboo said she truly believes in doing what she does to not only bring uplift to her clients, but also to herself and her girls.

“Girls might feel belittled, degraded or disrespected if they let themselves. If they put themselves in that position, then they absolutely will feel lesser for what they do,” Kushboo said.

Kushboo said she only wants to be around  Escort girls in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience  who enjoy the job for what it is.

“If at the end of the day you’re going to go home and feel like shit, then I don’t want to be a part of it. You have to genuinely like making the guys feel better,” Kushboo said. “Then you feel better. It’s a mutual thing.”

However, with the good also comes the bad.

“I’ve been robbed, arrested, taken advantage of and hit. It’s all part of the risks. There are no policies and regulations for prostitution. It’s a free-for-all,” she said.

There are some security measures they try to enact when they can, but ultimately the security measures can only do so much.

“In Bangalore with all girls and no men, we have security people watching on the outside. But when you’re alone in a room with a guy, it doesn’t matter what kind of security you have. It’s you and him,” she said.

Kushboo and her Escort girls in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience take precautions  and even take self-defense classes. She tells them that if it comes down to money, they should rather get ripped off than get raped or beaten.

“You can replace that money,” Kushboo said, “but you can’t replace yourself.”

Then with the bad comes the ugly.

Kushoboo revealed to me a darker part of her career as an Escort Lady in Bangalore.

“I’ve been caught for prostitution and I’ve had a police officer come in and take complete advantage of me, and then turn around and arrest me for it,” she said.

The experience of having a police officer violate her was one that Kushboo won’t forget soon, if ever, she said.

“At that point in my life, I would have felt better getting raped and robbed by somebody else, but having a police officer…”

She said when the officer took her to court for prostitution she hired a good lawyer in Ulsoor and got her case dismissed in court because of the fact that she had been raped. She said the officer didn’t confess, but all the evidence was there and he couldn’t deny it.

“But it’s not just him, it’s hundreds of officers taking advantage of girls,” Kushboo alleged.

Legitimizing prostitution

“If I would change anything about my job, it would be to make it legal,” Kushboo said.

Kushboo said she believes that prostitution is illegal for the simple fact that the government cannot tax it.

“I just feel like there’s so much that’s OK and that’s legal that is way worse than this,” she said. “If it’s consensual, the guy wants to do it and the girl wants to do it, who is the government to say it’s not OK?”

It’s difficult to work and pay tax  just to have a police officer rape you, turn around and arrest you for it, and have the law punish you for other acts that have been completely consensual.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous that they can’t just let us do what we want, and because they can’t tax it they’re going to set up task forces that cost millions of Rupees  of tax money to stop something consenting adults want to do together,” Kushboo said.

Parting our ways

Despite everything, Kushboo said she has no regrets.

“Anything that’s ever happened to me has made me stronger and built character,” she said.

It has helped her go forward and teach other girls in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience to help them realize what it really is, what it can be and what they may get out of it.

“I’m here now in my place in the world to help people. No matter if it’s the children in the non-profits Organization in Ulsoor  that I work for, or the Escort girls  I Work with at Bangalore Girl Friend Experience. Ultimately the goal is to help them help the world.”

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Great Relationship Bad Sex

Great Relationship Bad Sex

Everything seems perfect about your partner…except for the sex? When you’re happy in so many other ways, it can be tempting to believe that bad sex is no big deal. But make no mistake, this can be a relationship killer. Remember what they say about the big 3: Money, Sex, and Children. If you’re not together on those things, your relationship doesn’t have much of a chance. But before you give up, work on it! Improving your sex life is totally within your power.

You must maintain a sexual component in your relationship that is satisfying, in order to maintain intimacy and a connection that will last far after the fairy dust of a new relationship has worn off. Rule number 1: Moving in together or getting married will not solve any sexual problems you have. In fact, it’s likely to make them worse, because familiarity usually causes a drop off in sex. If your sex life is not all that great, it will lead to other problems outside the bedroom such as frustration, resentment, and a distancing between you two.

So now that you’re convinced to work on the problem, here are some common problems and ideas to help synchronize you two sexually and improve that part of the relationship.

1. It doesn’t feel that great. If your partner isn’t doing things for you that turn you on or get you where you want to go, it may be due to embarrassment. Everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for the next. It can be hard to know which of those individual buttons to push to make you moan. Rather than fail, your partner just might not try hard enough. The best way to share what you like is to demonstrate what you do when you’re alone. Most people love to watch their partners masturbate, so don’t be shy. As you get aroused, you may want to let your partner participate…that’s up to you!

2. Mismatched equipment. If there’s a mismatch in equipment, the best way to solve it is by doing some positional strategizing. A less-than-long penis is usually enjoyed best in the missionary position, with the lady’s legs up towards her chest for deeper penetration. For a narrow penis, place the lady on her back or stomach with legs closed together, putting the mans legs outside hers. That will create a tighter fit. A too large penis can be accommodated best with the lady on top, so that she can control the depth. Also be sure you’re plenty aroused before penetration – arousal engorges everything and gives a sense of fullness.

3. Boredom. Sometimes people limit their “wild” sexual experiences to one- night stands or meaningless hookups. There may be some reluctance to bring that kind of raunchiness into a stable relationship, thinking that it will cheapen the relationship in some way. Sex experts assure us that not only is that not the case, it’s very important to incorporate some wild sex into a healthy long-term relationship, because it banishes boredom. The first step is to start talking about fantasies you’ve had that you might like to try. These might include sex toys, role playing, or kinky adventures. Watching a movie of people doing what you’re considering can be a good way to explore the idea together.

4. Low libido. New research has shown that about half of people need to get turned on mentally in order to move to physical contact, while the other half of people need to get turned on physically in order to get turned on mentally. You may need to take the first step of making physical contact, kissing and cuddling, before you’ll start to really feel in the mood. A change of pace or scenery can also jump start the libido. Try doing something totally new together, like kayaking or go to some new place you’ve never been before.

5. Non-sexual problems. There may be other things interfering with your sex life such as your own fears and concerns about the relationship. If you don’t feel happy in the relationship and want out, your sex drive will go down. If you have a history of negative sexual experiences, you may have trouble overcoming them even with the best of partners. If you two are fighting a lot lately, or feeling jealous, resentful, or neglected, all of these things will definitely affect your sex life. If these things might be happening in your life, don’t force the sex issue. Try to get whatever it is that’s bothering you out on the table to talk about. If you can resolve it yourselves, wonderful. If not, there are counseling resources for couples that may be able to help you sort out your differences.

Just a reminder that sexual problems don’t tend to simply clear themselves up, so it’s important not to shove them under the rug hoping they’ll just go away. Dealing with these problems may not always be pleasant to do, but it’s the only way to move ahead towards enjoying that awesome sex life you’ve been hoping for.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Confessions of a Bussiness man in Bangalore

Confessions of a Bussiness man in Bangalore

But I have to confess to knowing the truth about this sordid profession - because eight years ago, I succumbed to the lure of paying for sex. Over the course of 18 months, I spent all my savings - 10 lacs - on high-class escort girls in bangalore. Before I go any further, let me make it clear that I am not in the least proud of this.

I'm ashamed of exploiting women, and of having supported a degrading, dangerous industry. I don't expect anyone to condone what I did. But now, after many years have passed, I want to explain why I was propelled into that addiction - and why so many other men are, too. The statistics say that one man in ten men uses prostitutes, and not all of them conform to the stereotype, as my own case suggests. I had a comfortable, middle-class upbringing in bangalore, where my parents were both Docters. I went to one of Karnataka's top universities, and I now work successfully as a Bussiness man. The clues to why I was drawn into such an a moral world lie in my disastrous relationships with women up until that point. At school, I was a bit of a nerd. At 14, for example, I was publicly humiliated by the popular girl I fancied.
She told me to meet her in a secluded corner of the playing fields, and then ambushed me with her friends and shouted: 'I wouldn't go out with you if you were the last person in the world.'
The years that followed brought a series of similar rejections. My shyness, if anything, got worse as I got older. Things didn't improve much when I moved to bangalore in my early 20s. Meeting women wasn't a problem; the hard part was meeting them twice. All told, in the Nineties, I've worked out that I was stood up on 27 different occasions.
I couldn't for the life of me figure out what was going on. I wasn't a horrific-looking chap.

Hooked: I enjoyed the thrill and convenience of hiring escort girls.
I was physically fit, funny and, with a good degree, had reasonable prospects. Yet life was one big round of 'You're too nice' and 'I don't want to ruin the friendship'.
Things perked up for a while in the mid-Nineties, On the back of my successes in bussiness, I embarked on my first serious adult relationships. But each one fizzled out. I was an intelligent young man with my whole life ahead of me, but by the time I got to my late 20s I felt as if my life was falling apart. While my fellow comics progressed to bigger things, it was clear that I didn't quite have what it took. They weren't the only ones moving on. By the time I was 29, virtually all my friends had got married and were either having kids or moving out of the city. Then, to top it all, I started losing my hair. With it went the last vestiges of my self-esteem. When I hit 30, I hadn't had a GirlFriends - or even a kiss - for three years. I was starting to feel desperate: lonely and with little to look forward to. One area of my life that was going well was my finances. After years in low-paid jobs, I'd just started my first decent full-time bussiness in real estate in bangalore suburbs, (I was living in shared rented accommodation) and no GirlFriends, my outgoings were minimal.

It was like going on a really expensive date, but one where you were guaranteed a goodnight kiss Without really intending to, by 2000, I had saved up several lacs. At about this time, I read an article in a magazine about escorting. I'd never seriously thought about paying for female company: my image of the sex industry was of Mumbai Red light area, but in reality here in bangalore it was very safe and very clean. You visited the girls in plush, rented apartments; you were paying for companionship, not sex. It was like going on a really expensive date, but one where you were guaranteed a goodnight kiss. That night, I went online and looked up a few escort agencies. I was scared, certainly, and a little ashamed. Was I really capable of this? But everything the article said seemed to be true. I looked at my empty bed. I looked at my empty diary. And I looked at my bank statement.
Then, heart pounding furiously, I picked up the phone.
As I waited for an answer, a thousand terrifying thoughts flashed through my head. I was scared of what my friends and family would think if they found out.
I was scared of being arrested (I was unaware, at the time, that what I was doing wasn't technically illegal). And I was scared that the girl I arranged to visit would turn out not to be a girl at all, and an thug waiting to rob me. Then the person at the other end of the line picked up. It was a female voice - calm, professional, friendly.

Glamorising prostitution:

She asked me who I wanted to see, when, and for how long. It felt like booking an appointment at the hairdresser. I made more effort for that first illicit rendezvous than I ever had for a real date. I went to the gym. I used a tanning machine. I had a haircut, bought some new clothes, and read all the papers so I'd have something interesting to talk about. It sounds ridiculous that I prepared for such a sordid sexual transaction in such a way, but I really believed the disclaimer on the website: 'We offer only a legitimate introductory service for beautiful women. Anything that takes place afterwards is a matter of choice between two consenting adults.' Two days later, at 8pm sharp, I arrived outside an anonymous-looking flat in a well-to-do area of Indra Nagar. As I triple checked the address scrawled on the Post-It note, I thought about going home. But she was waiting for me now. Besides, I was curious. I took a deep breath and pressed the buzzer. The door was opened by Radha , the girl pictured on the website. I'd chosen her not because she was the prettiest, but because she had the friendliest face and she didn't disappoint. She took my coat and led me into the living-room. I handed over the envelope full of cash: INR 30,000/ for three hours. Radha went into the other room to make sure the money was all there, called the agency to tell them I'd arrived, then poured drinks and sat down. I told her I'd never done this sort of thing before. She smiled and said she could tell. Within minutes, she had put me completely at ease. I tried to spin the conversation out as long as possible - we talked about the area, how my day had been but when I finally ran out of words, she walked over to me, kissed me, and led me to the bedroom.
When the three hours were up, I thanked Radha for her time, she thanked me for being 'sweet', and I walked to my Car. I won't deny that I felt seedy. For the first time, I'd just paid for sex. At the same time, there was an unmistakable thrill of transgression. And the actual experience had gone remarkably smoothly. I'd spent an evening in the company of a beautiful woman, and she hadn't rejected me. I went to bed that night feeling a little less unwanted, a little bit better about myself. Did I feel guilty? Not really. And I confess I hadn't dwelled on the thorny issue of why this girl might be sleeping with strangers in Indra Nagar . Frankly, like a teenager, I was just revelling in the experience. From that night, I was hooked. I went to bed that night feeling a little less unwanted, a bit better about myself Escorting seemed the answer to all my problems. It was exciting. The sex was always safe - although I got myself tested regularly for sexually transmitted infections just in case. My reasoning went like this: why should I hang around trying to pick up women in bars when I could meet far more attractive women with no risk of getting hurt emotionally? Over the next year and a half, I visited 16 different escorts, some of them several times, and spent almost everything I'd saved over the previous few years - around 10 lacs. Each time, like the first, I treated it like a real date. I was always courteous, I always bought flowers and beer, and I always paid for an extra hour so that I could get to know the girls first. Sometimes we had dinner, sometimes we went out for a walk. Once, we sat down and watched Cricket. It was only on my fourth visit that Sowmya, a cute, funny 26-year-old, laughed and told me that no one else did that; most people just paid for one hour, got straight down to business, then scarpered. But I liked doing it this way. I was deluding myself, of course, but it felt normal, almost like a real 'GirlFriends experience'. So began a life in which I carried on working and seeing my friends, but existed with this big secret that I knew I could never divulge. The only girl I visited regularly over those months was a 27-year-old from Chennai whose professional name was Shreya.

Pretty Woman Had a fairytale ending but reality is very different for real life call girls She was just my type: petite, brunette, with a gorgeous figure. And maybe she was just very good at her job, but she seemed to like me, too. She told me her real name - Nandhini - and all about her glamorous other clients: For my 30th birthday, I'd thrown a big party with 90 guests in Mg road , but I'd ended up going home alone. So when my 31st came around, I was determined that wouldn't happen again and booked a whole night with Shreya. What the hell, it was only INR 30,000/. The morning after, I woke up to find a cup of tea and a gift-wrapped box on the bedside table. When she had found out that it was my birthday, Shreya had gone out and bought me a Gift. It was an absurd gesture, but I was really touched. I was convinced, after that, that Shreya and I had a special connection. Maybe the whole Pretty Woman myth was true. Maybe, if I played my cards right, I could persuade her to quit escorting and be with me.
'Do you think,' I asked her on my next visit, 'that if you met the right person, you might give all this up?'
Shreya put down her drink and laughed.
'Well, it's not my ideal job. But I have got used to the lifestyle. If I did give this up for a man, he'd have to earn twice as much as I do. And I earn two lacs a month.' She never did come and watch me do stand-up. I'm ashamed to say that for about a year, I had felt that my time with these girls had been relatively harmless - and mutually beneficial. But one incident changed all that. One night, I went to visit an escort called Ramya at a flat in Ulsoor. I was too immersed in my own self-pity at being single to worry about anyone else's feelings I handed over the cash . Everything progressed as normal, until halfway through the evening Ramya said: 'I am very happy you came here tonight.' 'Why's that?' I asked. 'Because you are nice.' I smiled, but she continued: 'And also because now I can pay my Rent.' The words were like a slap in the face. In a year of visiting escorts, this was the first incontrovertible evidence I'd heard that not every girl did escorting because they enjoyed it. Some of them were doing it because they had to. And even though Ramya seemed to like me, even though I had helped her out in the short-term, I was helping to perpetuate that situation. Perhaps I'd been naive not to notice anything amiss before; perhaps I was just too immersed in my own self-pity at being single to worry about anyone else's feelings. But the truth is that up until that point, I had genuinely been convinced that all the girls I'd seen were selling their bodies entirely of their own free will. On this occasion, I consoled myself with the thought that I'd paid enough to last Shreya until 2012, and put the doubts out of my head. I made one more trip after that, to see Kushbu , a mesmerically beautiful lady in Koramangala. During our chat, she told me she was 20, from Mumbai, and had been a model. But as she sat on the bed and started to undress, I noticed a glistening in her eye. I didn't know if she was doing this under duress, if she was pining for her modelling days, or if she'd just had a rough day. But one thing was for sure: she really didn't want to be there. This, I realised, was my greatest fear. Not catching a sexually transmitted disease, but meeting a sex worker who didn't want to be a sex worker. I handed over the money - and then, to coin a time-honoured phrase - made my excuses and left. I never paid for sex again after that. But, however dreadful this may sound, the confidence I'd gained from those experiences stayed with me. I felt ready to face the world again.I took up hobbies - singing, books , bar nights - and met new people.

I asked more women out on dates - and, this time, a few of them turned up. None of them turned out to be The One, but the signs were encouraging. Last summer, my quest for love took me back to the internet - this time, to an online dating agency. And within a month, I'd met the beautiful, caring, fabulous woman who is now my GirlFriends. A couple of months into the relationship, I told her about my escorting days. Once I'd reassured her that it had all happened a long time ago and would never happen again, she was understanding.

So I told my friends, too. Some were surprised; some were surprised I bothered to mention it. Then came the hardest confession of all: my parents. After spending an hour working out what I was going to say, I called them. They were pleased I'd told them, they said; they'd suspected something was wrong. Many people say that men who use escort girls hate women. That may be true for some; but in my case, I believe those escorts stopped me hating women. I feel gratitude towards those sweet, beautiful girls for the warmth they showed me. Guilt, absolutely, that I helped perpetuate an industry that is unregulated and potentially unsafe - but also gratitude.
I firmly believe that while some sex workers are escorts by choice, thousands of others, like Shreya and Ramya, are not. And the fact is, when you book an escort, you never know which you are going to get. And that's why I'll never again try to re-create the 'GirlFriends experience'.